1978 / 188m - USA
Fantasy, Action
Superman poster


August 27, 2021


A ridiculous film. Surely, this must've been a landmark for the superhero genre, but it's pretty much unwatchable by modern standards. I didn't make the right choice by going for the extended version, but I'm pretty confident that even cutting 45 minutes of cruft wouldn't have saved this film.

The story reiterates the classic Superman plot. A baby is sent from Krypton to Earth, grows up in a small village, becomes Superman and has to fight off Lex Luthor. If you think his battle with Luthor takes up the biggest part of the film, think again, since it takes Donner almost two hours to even get to that point.

I don't think I've ever seen a film in more dire need of an editor. It's as if they shot every scene five times and just stitched all the material together for the final film. There is so much pointless overhead that it completely kills the pacing. The effects are terrible, performances are weak, the score is laughable and the 3-hour runtime indefensible. Even worse than most contemporary Marvel stuff.