1980 / 127m - USA
Sci-fi, Adventure
Superman II poster


March 31, 2024


Oldskool superhero movies are oldskool. There's a lot of cheese here, especially for people who never watched these films when they were younger. It's difficult to compare them to modern-day superhero films, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily worse. It doesn't mean they're a lot better either.

Superman is inadvertently responsible for releasing three dangerous criminals from their intergalactic prison. They come to Earth and wreak havoc here, nobody on Earth can withstand their powers. Superman is called to save the day once again, but then the criminals realize that he has a thing for Lois Lane.

The effects are terrible, the characters are pretty dumb and the plot is rather lazy, but at least there's some charm that isn't dependent on gaudy CG. A handful of moments keep this film from being a complete disaster, but it's tough getting any real enjoyment out of these films when the genre has evolved so much over time.