Chanto Tsutaeru
2009 / 109m - Japan
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August 19, 2011


A more traditional drama from the hands of Sono. It's a bit of an outlier in his oeuvre, but seeing this film was dedicated to his father, I guess Sono needed to get something off of his chest. It's certainly not the best the genre has to offer, but it is a very capable film with at least one stand-out scene.

Shiro's dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Shiro has always had a strong bond with his dad, seeing how he was also his football coach when he was younger, but he was never really able to tell his dad how he felt. Because time is running out, Shiro tries to make the best of their final days together.

The performances are solid, the styling is appropriate and there are some hard-hitting moments. Sono would have done well to keep the drama a little simpler though. It would've made for a more concise and pointed film, as opposed to the more complex and dragged-out version we're seeing now. Fine Japanese drama filler for the fans.