1993 / 96m - USA
Thriller, Mystery
Suture poster


October 27, 2023


An interesting little thriller. It reminded me of other freshman efforts. Not any film in particular, but movies like Pi, Following, Stereo, or THX1183. Films that are somewhat different, coming from young directors who clearly had a vision and managed to bring that vision to life. It's not quite up there with the ones I've mentioned, but it's still a cool film.

Vincent and Clay are two brothers who meet each other for the first time at their father's funeral. Clay is a dark-skinned man from a small town who lives a simple life, Vincent a distinguished white man who lives in the city. Their meeting doesn't go as planned, as Vincent is using Clay to start his life anew.

The stark black-and-white cinematography is an asset, the premise is pretty intriguing and the performances are solid. Some of the twists are fun, but there are some pacing issues in the middle and the crime elements felt just a little too flimsy. A lot better than I expected it to be though.