Suwingu Gâruzu
2004 / 105m - Japan
Drama, Comedy, Music
Swing Girls poster


January 16, 2021


Swing Girls is a very typical Japanese school club dramedy. They're a bit like Hollywood sport films (underdogs rising above themselves and succeeding at something others didn't think possible), but with some Japanese rural appeal added to the mix. Not my favorite niche, but this wasn't too bad.

The brass band of the school is detrimental to the success of their baseball team, but when they don't get their lunches on time all the girls quit the band. The group responsible for the fluke decides to have a go at it and though they have no experience playing musical instruments, dedication and a little help from their teachers go a long way.

The film is a pretty predictable and doesn't stray from the genre conventions. But the performances are solid, the tone is light enough and there are a few notable scenes. Swing Girls offers very mellow and charming entertainment and doesn't drag things out unnecessarily, but has aces up its sleeve to rise above its peers.