Taitei no Ken
2007 / 110m - Japan
Action, Comedy, Fantasy
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July 01, 2020


Another one of Tsutsumi's crazier films. It feels like a Sushi Typhoon project, only without the excessive gore and made with a slightly larger budget. It's a samurai fantasy with sci-fi elements, aliens and nonsensical lore. And it's all played for laughs, so don't worry about things getting too serious. Tsutsumi was clearly having fun with this one.

Hiroshi Abe is a weird fella and fits perfectly in the role of long-sworded samurai hero. His accomplices are oddballs too, but they're nothing compared to the various creatures they face in their battle to stop an alien invasion. There's more to the story, but even the voice over doesn't seem too bothered with all the details.

The comedy is pretty mad, performances are over-the-top but funny and the cinematography is surprisingly snappy. The CG is quite limited of course, but the camerawork is interesting and the colorful visuals and designs are lovely. Not for everyone, this film, but if you love Japanese weirdness, make sure you give this film a go.