2013 / 39m - Japan
Tadaima, Jacqueline poster


March 17, 2021


Short drama that never really finds its footing. Tadaima Jacqueline certainly doesn't suffer from a case of too little, there's enough material here to fill at least two or three separate films, it's just that it never quite gels together. The result is a film that isn't unpleasant, just very uninvolved.

Two young kids are orphaned by a bus accident. At the site of the accident they find a doll, which becomes their treasure. The film is told from the perspective of the doll, who constantly comments on people around her, even though nobody can hear her. There are also minor romance elements, but they're never truly explored.

Performances are decent, except the dub of the doll, which is pretty awkward. The cinematography is rather plain though and while the film has quite an original premise, it never feels like you're watching something remarkable. It didn't bore me, nor was it badly made, just a bit too inconspicuous.