'Jûsangô Taihisen' Yori: Sono Gosôsha o Nerae
1960 / 79m - Japan
Crime, Mystery
Take Aim at the Police Van poster


November 12, 2020


One of the early Suzuki films. It took Suzuki a while to truly develop his kooky signature style, though shimmers of it are already visible here. For the most part though, Take Aim at the Police Van is just a stylish little noir where the setup proves more interesting than the way everything pans out.

Tamon is a security guard tasked with the protection of two prisoners while they're being transported. A sniper gets the better of him though and kills the prisoners. Tamon is fired from his job, but can't deal with the fact that the case was never cleared up. With nothing else to do, he decides to go out and investigate himself.

The stylish black and white cinematography is the clear highlight of this film. Performances are decent but nothing special, the soundtrack doesn't add much and the plot is rather mediocre. It's a good thing the film is short, so there's hardly any time for it to start dragging.