Sat Hang Hung Gaan 2: Ji Jeui Yu Saat
2023 / 93m - Hong Kong
Horror - Anthology
Tales From The Occult 2: Body and Soul poster


November 15, 2023


Hong Kong loves a good horror trilogy, so it's no surprise the first Tales from the Occult film got a sequel. The concept is pretty simple: three different horror(adjacent) stories that bear little connection to each other, but explore different niches within the genre. And that this film does pretty well.

The first short is about a barber who scouts and scalps women who need a late-night haircut. The second short follows a cat rescuer who gets herself into some serious trouble. And finally, the third short is about a woman who wants to take revenge on her dentist, as he harassed her.

Each short brings something different to the table. The presentation is nice, the performances are decent and the horror elements are properly executed (read, there's none of that wonky Hong Kong comedy to detract from the film). It's a solid anthology, nothing too spectacular, but easy filler for horror fans.