2022 / 95m - Australia
Talk to Me poster


September 08, 2023


A new A24 horror. They always come with a fair amount of hype, they rarely make good on that promise. Talk to Me is no different. Not that it's a bad film, but it's very very generic. Where other A24 horrors at least made a real effort to be different, this one simply sticks to its genre clich├ęs and calls it a day.

Some kids get their hands on a relic that allows them to be possessed by spirits. The first few tries are successful, but then their little experiments go wrong and one of them is captured. The others feel guilty and try to contact the only man who may know how to get him back from the spirits.

The performances are solid and there are some pretty fun moments, but there's a bit too much inane drama and the film is never all that tense or gory, even though it tries very hard to be exactly that. Talk to Me is pleasant horror filler, but nothing more. No doubt there will be a sequel, so let's hope they crank up the horror levels for that one.