2011 / 53m - Japan
By Chance poster


November 03, 2021


A quirky, slightly experimental drama headlining Yu Aoi. Tamatama feels more like a fleeting idea than a fully realized film, but Komatsu did manage to add a lot of charm. It's pretty short and easily digestible, an ideal film for those who want to try something a little different, but don't really want to commit too much time to the experiment.

Aoi plays... something allegorical. The short interview at the start may not make this very clear, but as the film progresses the odd reactions of people will slowly start to make sense (at least somewhat). In her form she travels through Ireland, trying to reaching her destination, even though she has no idea where that is exactly.

I'm not sure if the film was as deep or meaningful as Komatsu intended it to be, but it did offer a very nice little breather from more serious things. The mood is light and ethereal, Aoi does well, the styling is appropriate and the runtime makes sure the film never outstay its welcome. A sweet, fun and original little diversion, well recommended for fans of Japanese dramas (with a little twist).