2021 / 85m - China
Fantasy, Action
The Tangs' Creed poster


November 23, 2022


More solid streamer filler. It seems that nowadays Chinese streamer films are a pretty safe bet if you're looking for dependable entertainment. The CG remains a little flaky and the film could've done without the comedy bits, but the fantasy part is properly realized, the action is on point and the sets and costumes are lush and colorful. What more could you want from genre filler?

The plot is a historic take on Minority Report. The Tang clan possesses a unique device that tells them who is about to commit a crime before it actually happens. Things get tricky when the device suddenly yields the name of the clan leader. She is forced to flee her clan, but with the help of a young thief and his master she claws her way back in.

One of the best things about these films is how concise and to the point they are. They rarely go beyond the 90 minutes mark, and they kinda rush through the plot to get to the good parts as quickly as possible. There are some standout scenes (like the butterfly dance), enough originality to avoid being a complete carbon copy of other films, and a decent director who understands what is required of him and delivers. Good fun.