2022 / 158m - USA
Drama, Music
Tár poster


November 04, 2023


This was not my kind of film. I can see the appeal, certainly for those who like the classical arts, but that's just not me. The navel-gazing, the clinical setting, and the unattractive characters all put me off. The endless conversations about classical music didn't make things better either.

Lydia Tár is a famous composer/conductor. She is one of the most renowned people in her field, but she lives in a bubble and her success requires her to have a cut-throat mentality. Her past comes back to haunt her when news breaks that one of her former protégés committed suicide.

Blanchett's performance is okay and the direction has a few inspired moments, but the better part of the film is pretty basic and expected. I didn't care much for the characters, the drama, or the self-aggrandizing scene this story takes place in. The 2.5+ hour runtime just made it that much worse.