Ta'm E Guilass
1997 / 95m - Iran
Taste of Cherry poster


June 18, 2021


Kiarostami Palme d'Or winner. I'm not a big fan of Kiarostami's work, Taste of Cherry is one of the more intriguing projects I've seen from him so far. It's a very calm and deliberate film that gets a little too talkative at times and doesn't quite nail its ending, but I did enjoy the overall calming experience.

An Iranian man is driving around in his car, looking for someone who can help him out. He is struggling with life and ponders about killing himself, but he needs someone to bury him if he decides to go through with it. Nobody seems very keen on helping, until he runs into a taxidermist who can use the money to save his own kid.

It's a very interesting premise and the settings lends the film a very pensive, calming atmosphere. Kiarostami doesn't rush things, but the discussions the lead has with the passersby are quite bland, and the ending wasn't quite as thought-provoking as it was obviously intended to be. Fewer dialogues, more tracking shots is what would've made this a better film, but alas.