Sensei wo Ryûzan Saseru-kai
2011 / 62m - Japan
Let's-Make-the-Teacher-Have-a-Miscarriage Club poster


June 25, 2021


No doubt an intriguing title for a film, but keep your expectations low, as director Naitô seems a little too confident that the premise alone is strong enough to carry this entire film. The film itself is a pretty tepid and rushed low-budget thriller that isn't half as shocking as its title may suggest.

Sawako is a high school teacher who is about to become a single mom. Some of her student aren't too happy with Sawako's pregnancy and consider her a dirty woman. They form a little club with the intent of stopping her pregnancy. Sawako is on to them though and challenges the kids directly.

This could've been a lot of fun, if Naitô had made a real effort to turn this into a quality film. But the cinematography is cheap, the soundtrack is bland, the cast is dire and the pacing has some serious issues. The finale is slightly better than the rest of the film, but it's hardly worth the bother. Not worth my time.