2018 / 95m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Terminal poster


October 07, 2021


UK crime meets US noir. Terminal is a strange little beast, sporting a rather cartoonist setup mixed with very style-conscious direction. It's a film that forgoes a serious plot and character building in favor of grim glee and pure cinematic fun. Director Stein effort is laudable, but his film did end up feeling a little empty, lacking that bit of excess madcap that makes a film like this truly stand out.

Vince and Alf are two small-time crooks who love the mystery of the crime world. When they're given the number of a locker in a near-abandoned train station, it feels like a dream come through. There they meet Annie, a vampy waitress who runs the bar in the station. Alf is immediately smitten by the girl, but she hides a darker truth that might be their undoing.

The trashy, industrial and neon-drenched sets are no doubt the highlight of the film. The characters are a bit flakier. Fletchers's Vince is pretty great, Pegg is also on point, Robbie (too close to Harley Quinn) and Myers (a miscast) feel a little lost. The film also lacks a few more colorful characters who could've added some extra spark. As for the dialogue, there are early Ritchie vibes there, which is sure to divide audiences. All in all, there's a lot to love, Terminal just lacks a few finishing touches.