Japan [2016] - 108m
Action, Horror, Sci-fi
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October 15, 2016


A film that seems to have slipped by without making too much of a fuzz, which is a bit weird considering it's one of the crazier Miike's of the past decade. It's not an easy sell, I grant you that. At its core it's a sci-fi film, though I doubt it will appeal to sci-fi enthusiasts. Terra Formars is a film for the real Miike fan.

Think of it as Power Rangers on Mars, with big, cockroach-like creatures threatening the existence of humankind. An expedition comprised of humans with special powers is sent to protect our planet from these creatures. If that sounds weird or doesn't make it any sense, just remember that you're watching a Miike film.

The CG is a bit flaky, but the design are pretty hilarious. The bad guy is badass and even though the morphing stuff can get a little childish, the special powers are at least are quite original. It's a daft film that loses a bit of steam around the halfway mark, but overall there's a lot of fun to be had with this one.

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