...E tu Vivrai nel Terrore! L'Aldilà
1981 / 87m - Italy
The Beyond poster


December 08, 2005


Turned out I'd seen this one before, but it took me about 50 minutes to figure that out. It all came back to me when I reached the scene with the spiders. Sadly it's also the only memorable scene from the movie. Quite a pity that it isn't even all that great.

The film lacks atmosphere. It does have a lot of potential, but really lousy dubs, terrible acting and cheesy sound effects take away a lot of the atmosphere. It's really beyond me why someone thought it would be a good idea to rustle a newspaper whenever spiders were on screen, for example.

The gore is also really lacking. And there's lots of useless plot points that slow down the movie. Once in a while it was fascinating, like the pleasant beginning of the film, but often it simply was too tedious and boring.