Cai Shu Zhi Heng Sao Qian Jun
1991 / 100m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure, Comedy
The Raid poster


October 14, 2013


Hark's the Raid is in fact a true raid on the senses. It is one of those manically paced Hong Kong action flicks with a serious dash of comedy on the side. There are more plot holes here than there are coherent moments, but if you have a soft spot for Hong Kong cinema, there's plenty to distract you from all the chaos. Exactly what I want from this kind of entertainment.

Mong is the leader of a group of rebels who want to bring the current reign to its knees. When he is hit by a gas attack, doctor Choy does what he can to save Mong. He is unsuccessful, but Choy himself wants to join the fight of the rebels. They believe he is too old, Choy doesn't want to back down and assembles a group of fighters who want to help him prove his worth.

The Raid is an acquired taste, certainly when you're only used to Western cinema. The comedy is bold, the performances are well over-the-top and the action scenes are extremely dynamic. The film hardly slows down and the plot is almost impossible to follow, but all of that is just part of the experience. The Raid is goofy, wacky, and impressive, the perfect filler in Hark's extensive oeuvre.