He Ovat Paenneet
2014 / 102m - Finland
Drama, Thriller
They Have Escaped poster


December 03, 2022


An interesting mix of du Welz's Adoration (though this one predates it) and Les Amants Criminels. At its best, it's a really powerful and atmospheric film, it's just a little too inconsistent to be a true masterpiece. A bit more attention to the cinematography and the soundtrack could've pushed it over the edge.

Raisa lives in a halfway house, Joni is one of her caretakers. The two get on well together and decide to move off on their own. Raisa tells Joni she has hidden a treasure somewhere, but it doesn't take long before the police are on their tails. They can't trust anyone, not even their own family.

The performances are solid, there are some powerful scenes and the road trip structure works well. Other scenes are a little underdeveloped, and the ending felt tacked on. It's a pretty big twist that comes a little too late. I wish the film wasn't quite as uneven, still, there's plenty to like here.