2021 / 83m - China
Action, Adventure
Thief Heroine poster


December 30, 2021


Another take on the tomb raiding adventure. For such a small and specific niche, it's pretty insane how many films China made this year in this genre alone. Thief Heroine sets itself apart with a more extended introduction and a better fleshed out plot, though this comes at the expense of the actual tomb raiding, which is the primary reason for watching these films.

The reason why it takes so long to get to the actual tomb adventuring is because the characters first need to get their hands on the map that leads them there. The treasure is said to be substantial, so several groups are eying that map, hoping it will help them seize control over the Ming Dynasty. The titular heroine finds herself in the middle of this power scuffle.

The action is decent but not top of the line, the sets are nice but nothing too creative, the extra plot is mostly just padding. Thief Heroine is still a pretty fun and well-paced flick for genre fans, but it's little more than platform filler. A good option for everyone in dire need of tomb raiding adventures, just don't expect anything more.