Also known as
Jûsan-nin no Shikaku
Japan [2010] - 141m
Action, Adventure, Drama
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December 11, 2011


A bit boring for a Miike. Thirteen Assassins isn't a bad film and if you watch the longer cut you'll be sure to see some trademark scenes and characters, but other than that this felt a bit too much like watching an updated Seven Samurai. Fine if that's your thing, but you don't need someone like Miike to waste his talents on a film like that. It does explain the film's high critical acclaim though.

The leader of the Akashi clan is about to get a big promotion. He's not the nicest leader though, having raped and plundered many villages in the area. Thirteen samurai gather to put on an end to his reign, before he's too high up the chain. They set off on a suicide mission, with just one single goal: kill the leader of the Akashi clan.

The first hour is quite slow. It isn't until the thirteen start their journey that the film picks up some speed. The lengthy finale is quite action-packed, but the choreography is very samey and not all that exciting. The longer cut does have some quirkier characters and crazier moments, just not enough to make this a standout Miike film. It's a decent introduction into his oeuvre though, especially for fans of hack and slash samurai action.

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