2022 / 147m - UK
Thirteen Lives poster


May 13, 2023


Ron Howard doing a low-profile disaster flick. No continents, countries, or cities in danger here, just thirteen lives. The story of the Thai football team stuck in a cave was pretty popular at the time though, so it was inevitable that it would be made into a film. The result is decent enough, but hardly memorable.

After winning a football game, a young team heads down into a cave to celebrate. An unexpected torrent of rain leaves them stranded, and with the monsoon closing in, there's a real danger of the cave being completely flooded. Expert divers are joining the rescue mission to get the boys and their coach out.

People who remember the news story will know the outcome, even then the Hollywood-like approach (and Howard's involvement) leave little to the imagination. Because of that, it never gets all that tense and while the build-up is solid, the runtime is a bit excessive. I wasn't bored, but that's about all the praise I have.