USA [2012] - 103m
Action, Comedy, Romance
Directed by
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July 08, 2021


I guess this is what you get when you try to make a blockbuster for "him and her". This Means War does its best to blend an action flick with a romcom, trying to please everyone, but the result is some odd contraption that feels forced and at odds with itself, neither very funny nor very exciting.

FDR and Tuck are best buddies who just happen to be CIA agents too. They fall for the same woman and as neither of them wants to bow out, they each try their best to win her over. But an old case is coming back for revenge, catching up with them at a time when they least expect it.

The performances of Pine and Witherspoon are rather plain, Hardy is slightly better but he looks painfully out of place. The mix of action, comedy and romance feels rather convoluted, the execution of the genres is basic, the ending is lame. This was a pretty unnecessary film, that said, I've seen way worse.

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