Tri Topolya na Plyushchikhe
1968 / 79m - Soviet Union
Three Poplars on Plyuschikha Street poster


June 08, 2024


A decent Soviet classic that thrives on stylish cinematography. The plot is quite simple and the contrast between the urban and rural settings is pretty dull, but because the film is quite nice to look at and features some decent performances, it's all a little easier to stomach.

Nyura grew up in a small, rural village. She wants to see more of the world so she decides to travel to Moscow. City life is quite something else, luckily she meets a cultured taxi driver who she instantly connects with. They grow close, but Nyura can't seem to get used to life in the city.

The actors do a good job and the clean black-and-white cinematography elevates the film. The dialogue is quite heavy-handed though, in contrast, the plot is a bit too simplistic. It's a good thing that the movie is quite short and stops well before the 90-minute mark. it's not too bad, but it's not a film I'll fondly remember.