Netherlands [2019] - 82m
Documentary, Music
Directed by
Ted Alkemade, Vera Holland
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July 19, 2020


Not sure how well this documentary will travel, but if you have an interest in the harder styles of dance music (or you've actually lived through the whole Thunderdome era) it's definitely worth a watch. Production values are pretty high and while the structure is very classic, there's a disarming honesty that gives it some extra flair.

Hardcore still isn't socially accepted, in the sense that you still won't hear any of it on the radio, even though the style is 30 years old. It's not that uncommon for a culture that's mostly associated with young people and rebellion, all the weirder to see a bunch of old dudes fronting this documentary. But even young and reckless people grow old, and they started all this after all.

It's a very nice, compact but comprehensive recount of the way Thunderdome came to be. The interviewees talk candidly about the early days, their failures, the sudden successes and the cultural impact of the label and the parties. There's nothing new here for most oldskool fans, but it's still a very cool trip down memory lane nonetheless. And sporting a killer soundtrack of course.