2022 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Ticket to Paradise poster


December 19, 2022


A pretty generic romcom, entirely in line with my expectations. Clooney is fun (but he's getting really old for this), and Roberts was never really young enough. It's a good thing they found a superb location and two pleasant (though somewhat dull) kids to handle the romantic part of this film.

When Lily goes off on a vacation to Bali, little do her ambitious parents know that the next time they'll hear from her will be when they get her wedding invitation. They obviously don't agree with Lily's choices, but they'll have to set aside their lifelong feud if they're willing to convince their daughter she's making the mistake of her life.

The banter between Clooney & Roberts is rather tame, and the romance between Dever & Bouttier is too simplistic. Bali is lovely though and the breezy atmosphere makes this a pretty easy watch. It's not the most memorable film, but it's far from the worst in its genre. Decent romcom filler.