1993 / 85m - USA
Ticks poster


November 20, 2021


A minor creature flick from the 90s that's found its way into the spotlight again. Not really too surprising since the 90s reevaluation is slowly picking up steam, then again it's a rather random obscurity that isn't really overflowing with quality. Not the worst horror film in the world, but you better be in the mood for a bucket load of cheese.

Illegal weed farmers are using chemical substances to enhance their crop. When the substance leeks on some tick eggs, we have a minor Godzilla disaster on our hands. In no time, the area is swarming with bloodthirsty ticks, attacking the locals and a group of city kids hoping to find some peace and quiet in the wilderness.

The actors do a pretty poor job and the story is complete nonsense, the creature effects on the other hand are pretty fun and there's some juicy gore that keeps things interesting. Ticks is a non-essential 90s flicks, but if you're looking for a short and easily digestible horror film, it's pretty decent.