Germany, Switzerland [2021] - 104m
Sci-fi, Thriller
Directed by
Tim Fehlbaum
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September 03, 2021


Tides is a film with potential. The intro scenes are grand, and it looked as if Fehlbaum was setting the stage for an adventurous sci-fi flick. Such a bummer that the alternative title for this film is The Colony, which perfectly explains the direction this film was about to take. A real disappointment if you ask me.

A couple of generations after mankind has fled planet Earth, a mission is set up to return to mankind's home planet, hoping that Earth has recovered enough to be habitable again. The first signs look good, but then the members of the mission are overpowered by a group of survivors.

The film looks absolutely stunning. Strong camera work, great use of color, some impressive set pieces. Everything's here to do a great sci-fi, except that the film is greatly lacking in actual sci-fi elements. The human drama is quite dull and there's way too much tepid dialogue for a genre film. This could've been so much better, still, avid sci-fi fans will find quite a bit to like here.