Die Blechtrommel
1979 / 162m - West Germany
Drama, Fantasy
The Tin Drum poster


July 17, 2021


A surprisingly fun, quirky and unique film. I generally don't expect too much from Cannes winners, and The Tin Drum does have a couple of predictable flaws, but overall this felt quite fresh and different. It was almost like watching a precursor to the work of Kusturica and/or Jeunet.

Oskar is a young boy who stops growing after falling from a flight of stairs. People feel sorry for him and tend to underestimate the boy, but as he ages, he learns to makes excellent use of his appearance to get whatever he wants. With World War II developing in the background, Oskar just tries to make the best of his life.

Bennent's performance is truly excellent, his character is also very intriguing. A mix of innocence and cunning that challenges the viewer. The direction is pleasant, with slightly absurd and exaggerated moments that keep you on your toes. The WWII setting feels a bit redundant though and the runtime is a bit too long, other than that this turned out to be a nice discovery.