1997 / 194m - USA
Romance, Adventure
Titanic poster


December 30, 2003


February 25, 2023


It's been at least 2 decades since I watched this one. I caught it right when I was turning my back on Hollywood cinema, so this 3+ hour kitsch-fest really wasn't something I was craving back then. There were some things I appreciated more this time around, but it's still way too saccharine for me.

A crew is trying to locate a precious gem that reportedly sunk together with the Titanic. They fail to find it, but an old woman who recognizes herself in a recovered drawing contacts the divers and is willing to share her tale with them. It's a story of romance and disaster, set amidst one of the most famous boating accidents of all time.

DiCaprio is solid and Bates is a delight (with some nice quips, one of them surprisingly saucy), the rest of the cast is a bit doubtier. The romance in the first half beats the epic disaster bits that make up most of the second half, but it's really Cameron's cheesy direction and the excessive runtime that make this film pretty tough to sit through.