1987 / 55m - Japan
Music - Animation
Toi poster


March 08, 2022


A very odd and random music anime. This felt like an addendum to a TV series, or maybe even a season recap. It's a pretty short film and there's a lot of focus on the music (which isn't very good at all), which leaves very little time for plot or character development. I usually don't mind, but it just didn't work here.

To-Y is the lead singer of GASP, an alternative rock band. He's a pretty popular (and bankable) guy, so it's no surprise that the record company wants to see him in a more commercial setting. They make him an offer, but if he accepts he has to leave his old band members behind. A pretty classic setup.

The art style is pretty interesting and the animation isn't bad, but it's not anything out of the ordinary either. The short runtime makes it very flimsy, the music is horrible, and the characters are dull. It's clear filler, but the worst kind. Easy to skip, unless you're a big fan of 80s J-Rock.