1988 / 53m - Japan
Action, Sci-fi - Animation
The Tokyo Project poster


December 22, 2022


A decent but somewhat standard action/sci-fi OAV. The first half leans more into its crime/noir elements, but the film gradually becomes more action-oriented and the finale offers some pretty bad-ass mecha mayhem. With just 50 minutes on the counter though, there's not a lot of time to do justice to it all.

While Junpei is attending a pop concert, an injured man bumps into him and hands him a floppy disk. Junpei accepts the disk, but the contents are highly sensitive and it doesn't take long before some pretty shady people figure out that Junpei now has the disk in his possession. And they want it back.

The animation is a little limited, but the 80s anime style does have its charm. The start is hesitant and the political overtones fell flat for me, once the action kicks in things start looking up and I did really enjoy the finale. Not a stand-out OAV, but there's some solid fun to be had if you like this kind of thing.