Japan [2011] - 61m
Directed by
Junji Ito
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October 31, 2020


From the writer of Tomie comes Tomio. There's no relation really, except that this is another Japanese low-budget horror affair that relies on a fun concept to carry the entire film. And Junji Ito gets away with in, in part because the runtime is quite short and the premise is interesting enough.

A man stumbles across the street, into a hospital. There he confronts the doctors with his severed neck. The doctors don't believe the man, as a full beheading wouldn't have left him alive, but the x-ray scan shows a clean cut. According to the man, it's the curse of a fortune-teller that got to him.

It's clearly a low-budget project, so don't expect too much in the way of cinematography and acting. But the concept is pretty cool and the effects are decent enough. The pacing is also fine, the ending is a hoot and there's something pleasantly morbid that kept me glued to the screen. Cheap but fun.