Gômon Hyakunen-shi
1975 / 62m - Japan
Drama, Horror
Torture Chronicles: 100 Years poster


January 24, 2023


70s Wakamatsu is an entirely different beast from 60s Wakamatsu. He became fascinated with torture throughout the ages and directed some films vaguely relating to this concept. Torture Chronicles is one of them, a disjointed series of torture and rape scenes with little or no connection.

This is basically a mini-anthology, of four different torture scenes set in different eras (over a span of 100 years). The first story tells of the persecution of Christians in the 18th century, the second is about a man punishing his cheating wife, the third story handles war atrocities, and the final one deals with three female traitors.

The presentation is poor, there's little to no connection between the segment and while the torture scenes are pretty vile and unpleasant, they're never quite as uncomfortable to watch as you'd expect them to be. A pretty forgettable Wakamatsu film, I'm not surprised his career took a nosedive during the 70s.