Jing Xiang Ren·ming Ri Qing Chun
2018 / 117m - China
Sci-fi, Drama
Transcendent poster


October 24, 2022


There are some very interesting ideas here, sadly the mix of sci-fi and drama never really comes into its own. It felt like watching two separate films, with the sci-fi being tacked on for no other reason than to have the film fit into a genre box. Transcendent is pretty unique though, so it did keep me glued to the screen.

Transcendent bases have bred a special kind of human. The film highlights some of the lives of the kids growing up there. One story deals with a former racer meeting his dead friend in the future, another with a trainee who falls in love with a boxer, a third story deals with a terminally ill guy who finds someone who can save his life.

All of this could've been told without the sci-fi elements present, which is my biggest critique. I did like the styling of the film, even though the soundtrack was a bit sentimental. The budget and the potential were here to make a real gem, it's just that it wasn't very cohesive. Still, worth a shot if you're looking for something different.