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Cai Shen Ke Zhan
Hong Kong [2011] - 97m
Action, Comedy
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August 20, 2011


A throwback to the Hong Kong films of the 90s. Take a desert inn, throw in a bunch of martial arts legends, have them chase each other and you probably have a pretty good idea what to expect from this one. A film that references films like New Dragon Gate Inn and the original Dragon Inn by King Hu, only through the eyes of Jing Wong.

That means that the comedy takes a more prominent position here, though there's still enough martial arts action to keep the action fans content. The choreographies are nice, there are some cool fight scenes and the comedy is daft but fun. Everything is in place for some pleasant escapism.

The effects are mediocre and actors like Nick Cheung and Charlene Choi struggle to keep things afloat. Treasure Inn is never a true competitor to its role models, but it's very light and entertaining and it's finished before you know it. Very solid Jing Wong filler, not great, but a lot of fun.

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