Chin Wong Ji Wong 2000
1999 / 91m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
The Tricky Master poster


January 29, 2007


This could've been a prequel to the Kung Fu Mahjong series, then again so many films in Jing Wong's oeuvre feel like carbon copies of each other. He once again combines his affinity for gambling with comedy and action elements, and is able to fall back on a talented cast whenever his direction dips below acceptable levels.

Ferrari is a master trickster who steals from the rich. Inspector Chan Foon is sent to infiltrate Ferrari's gang, but it doesn't take long before he's exposed. He doesn't give up that easily though and seeks out another famous trickster, hoping he can teach him the tricks of the trade in order to dismantle Ferrari's operation.

The action scenes are pretty decent and Stephen Chow is a great comedian. The rest of the film feels decidedly more pedestrian, with basic Jing Wong comedy and the usual trickster antics. It's proper entertainment, the tone is light and the pacing is fine, but a bit hard to wholeheartedly recommend, unless you're really into Hong Kong comedy.