2020 / 94m - South Africa
Triggered poster


November 09, 2020


Orr resurfaces with a new horror film. It's been a while since I last saw his name pass by, but he's made some interesting films in the past, and so I'm always happy to see him put out new work. Triggered isn't a masterpiece, in fact it's going to be a pretty hard sell, even among hardened horror fans, but there's something here.

A group of friend is having a post-graduation camping trip. What they don't realize is that there is someone out in the woods who has it out for them. When they wake up, everyone is wearing a vest sporting a countdown timer. This is Battle Royale meets Saw, so let the games begin.

The premise is cool, the presentation is fine too. The plot and character choices are completely nonsensical though and the acting is dead poor. So depending on what you care about the most, this will either be a fun and amusing genre flick, or a piece of irredeemable trash. There's not much middle ground I'm afraid, that said I had a pretty good time with it.