Yin Yeung Lo 3: Sing Goon Fat Choi
1998 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Horror
Troublesome Night 3 poster


March 03, 2015


The third entry in the series is another one helmed by Herman Yau. While he's a solid match on paper, Yau never really managed to elevate the series to something even remotely acceptable. I always welcome fun and basic genre filler, but these films are such a mess that it's almost impossible to get any enjoyment from them.

This third film doesn't change anything to the formula. We get three short films that are tangentially related to a simple wrap-around segment. This time the film centers on a mortuary, a perfect setting for some horror-related tales (even though the shorts don't really make good use of the setting's full potential).

A young Louis Koo is about the only reason to watch these films, even when his performance is pretty poor too. Hysterical acting, an unbalanced mix of genres, a complete lack of tension, terrible make-up and effects. Nothing works, the only thing that saves the film from complete disaster is the anthology setup, which at least keeps hope alive that something better might come along. It never does though.