Also known as
Yin Yeung Lo 4: Yu Gwai Tung Hang
Hong Kong [1998] - 97m
Comedy, Horror
Directed by
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December 23, 2011


The fourth part in the Troublesome Night series brings nothing new. Yau works a little harder to blend the three different stories into the wraparound segment, but it still feels like a regular anthology film, and it still suffers from the same problems as its predecessors. One for hardcore fans and true completists only, in other words.

This time we're going to The Philippines, because it makes for a nice change of setting. There's a story of a delivery boy who has to take back the ashes of a young girl to her hometown, another about a couple who are in for a good scare after a night of partying. But there's really no substance here, just an excuse for some quick horror/comedy thrills.

The most surprising thing is that Louis Koo features consistently throughout these early installments, we all have to start our career somewhere I guess. The mix of comedy and horror doesn't work, the film looks cheap, and there are no real redeeming qualities. But hey, if you like Yau and/or Koo and you want to see everything they've done, at least these films are relatively short.

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