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Tao Xue Ying Xiong Zhuan
Hong Kong [1992] - 86m
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December 12, 2014


Jing Wong's answer to the Fight Back to School series. Not quite unsuccessful either, as Wong himself would take over the final entry in that series just one year after directing this film. That's one way to apply for a job I guess. If you're familiar with Gordon Chan's films (or Jing Wong's oeuvre for that matter), you probably already know what to expect.

Cops are infiltrating schools again to keep the peace. It's a weird premise, but since we're talking Hong Kong comedy it's not all that insane. At least this time around our protagonist is going in to replace one of the teachers (which is a bit more plausible than Chow's attempt to blend in as a student), though the effect on the course of the film is negligible.

Goofy comedy, some weird film references (I could be mistaken, but the intro credits being read by the cast felt an awful lot like a Godard reference), mad pacing and over-the-top performances. Truant Hero is vintage Jing Wong, but it fails to set itself apart from its peers. It's decent fun while it lasts, but it's hardly a memorable film.

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