Also known as
Laughing Gor - Qian Zui Fan
Hong Kong [2011] - 89m
Action, Crime
Directed by
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Turning Point: Laughing Gor Returns poster


March 10, 2012


A fun sequel that revisits Yau's Laughing Gor character. The film fights an uphill battle against the work of Johnnie To and similarly talented Hong Kong directors, but if you're looking for prime genre filler than Yau's work will certainly prove very valuable. You probably won't find this film in anyone's best-of list, but it's still a highly amusing experience.

Undercover cop Laughing ends up in prison for a lifelong sentence. There he meets Fok, a professor and trained psychologist who considers himself smart and slick enough to subvert the law. Both show interest in Chit, but if Laughing wants to get to him, he'll have to get past Fok first. And so a duel of wits begins.

Michael Tse, Chapman To and Francis Ng have a lot of fun with their characters, the film looks slick and is well-paced and even though the ending takes itself a bit too serious, there's not much time to get too worked up about it. A very nice Hong Kong police procedural with a little twist. Well recommend for anyone who can't get enough of these films.

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