Also known as
Laughing Gor Chi Bin Chit
Hong Kong [2009] - 89m
Action, Crime, Drama
Directed by
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April 09, 2011


Introducing the undercover cop with the odd name: Laughing Gor. Yau was well into copying bigger and more respected names at this point in his career, but by fine-tuning the execution of his films and giving them just that little extra grit, he did manage to make them stand out. Maybe Turning Point isn't memorable cinema, but it sure is prime genre filler.

Laughing has infiltrated the Triads, but another cop is on his trail, suspecting him of drug trafficking. Laughing will have to fend for himself as his mission is a complete secret, but when the cop starts to suspect Laughing is on an undercover mission, he isn't entirely convinced about Laughing's true intentions, suspecting him of double-crossing the police.

Anthony Wong is always a delight, Francis Ng proves once again that he is a versatile actor. Other than that, Turning Point is all about that crime/Triad goodness. Yau has the genre elements down to a 't, the actors know what's expected of them, and the plot keeps you guessing until the finale. Surely not the greatest film of its kind, but definitely good fun.

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