Also known as
Yun Cai Zhi Li Xing
Hong Kong [1996] - 94m
Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by
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September 19, 2008


An uncompromising lunar comedy by the incorrigible Jing Wong. While that actually sounds like a pretty solid match on paper, '96 was not a good year for Hong Kong cinema and it's not surprise then that this film felt rather cheap and unpolished. That does take away from the overall appeal, even though it's a hardcore comedy.

The film is based on some TV show I've never seen before, so no doubt there were some jokes that were lost in translation (but that's generally the case when you're watching Hong Kong comedy as a Westerner). That said, the film is a pretty basic lunar comedy, meaning a plot that makes little sense, lots of familiar faces and quick cameos and some utter randomness that you can't help but smile about.

Pak-Cheung Chan is the lead man here, can't say I'm his biggest fan. Luckily he's surrounded by lots of better actors, the pacing is pretty madcap too. Still, you're stuck with a rather unfunny lead and a film that looks as if it was shot, scripted and editing in less than a week. There are some decent laughs, but Wong can do so much better than this.

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