Nihon De Ichiban Warui Yatsura
2016 / 135m - Japan
Twisted Justice poster


November 27, 2021


You can't really pin Shiraishi down to a single genre, but the man clearly love a good, gritty crime flick. Twisted Justice is another decade-spanning crime epic about a crooked cop in the Hokkaido police. It's not a very original film, the only real surprise is that Shiraishi put a modern spin on the soundtrack.

Moroboshi is a young cop who just joined the Hokkaido police force, ready to make the world a better place. He'll quickly learn that things aren't that clear-cut out there. His colleagues cheat and bribe their way to success, and it doesn't take long before Moroboshi picks up a couple of their tricks.

Go Ayano's performance is great, the build-up of the film is strong, and the score is pretty interesting. It's still a very typical crooked cop/Yakuza crime flick, and it's not a film that is going to turn the genre upside down, but it's clear that Shiraishi has a real feel for the genre. So far, he hasn't disappointed me yet.