1971 / 102m - USA
Two-Lane Blacktop poster


August 08, 2022


A very literal road movie. If you like the 70s and classic American sports cars, this is a film for you. If not, you might be left wondering what the fuss is about. There isn't much plot, the characters are cardboard and the film fizzles out towards the finale, but the slacker vibe is at least somewhat interesting.

Two car freaks cruise through America. All that binds them is their passion for cars, other than that they don't have much to tell each other. They pick up a girl along the way and bump into another man, who challenges them to a race. They oblige, but before they reach their destination they've already moved on to other things.

Two-Lane Blacktop is more about the characters hanging out together and driving through 70s America than anything else. I'm not big on the 70s, so I can't see I really cared for the time capsule this film offers. I can see the appeal though, and the sluggish, slow mood isn't the worst, it's just not very appealing.