USA [2008] - 110m
Drama, Romance
Directed by
James Gray
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November 04, 2021


Dreary drama. A film that hinges entirely on its central characters, sadly none of them is very interesting. There's not much here beyond a basic love triangle, with 2 out of 3 characters feeling pretty depressed. The setup itself isn't without merit, but the execution feels lazy and lifeless.

Leonard is an aspiring photographer who is dealing with the aftermath of a rough break-up. His parents are trying to set him up with a friend of the family, Leonard on the other hand shows quite a bit of interest in a new neighbor. She's stuck in an unhealthy relationship, so Leonard has his work cut out for him.

I'm not a big Joaquin Phoenix fan, and he's really at his Phoenix-iest here. Paltrow and Shaw aren't much better, none of them seem able to lend their characters the required depth for this type of film. The direction is clean but uninspired and dull, the soundtrack boring and the ending disappointing. Very forgettable.

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