2021 / 103m - USA
Ultrasound poster


September 23, 2022


A not all that interesting premise, but the film itself turned out to be pretty solid. Ultrasound is a somewhat hermetic puzzle box, telling different stories that seem almost entirely unrelated. Something one of the main characters literally remarks upon around the halfway point. This is a film for people with a little patience in other words.

When Glen's car breaks down, he seeks help from a nearby house. There he meets Arthur and Cindy, a rather peculiar couple. Glen ends up spending the night. Weeks later Arthur suddenly turns up on Glen's doorstep, telling him Cindy is pregnant. He isn't angry, but he does want Glen to take responsibility for the baby.

I really liked the fact that the film keeps things obtuse for well past the halfway mark, though the actual explanation isn't all that spectacular. The cinematography is pleasant though, the soundtrack is moody and the performances are solid. Ultrasound is a neat little mystery, a debut that shows lots of potential.