Itsuwari no Nai Happy End
2021 / 96m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
Unfeigned Happy Ending poster


July 06, 2024


A fine drama with some darker thriller elements mixed in. The narrative elements were a bit too strong for me, I would've preferred a more core drama, especially as that's where Matsuo's talents appeared the strongest. But overall, this was a pleasant, well-paced film with plenty to like.

After graduating, Eimi moves to Tokyo, leaving her little sister Yu to take care of their mother. When the mother dies, Eimi tries to convince Yu to come and live with her in Tokyo, but she seems reluctant. Three years later Yu suddenly decides to start over again, but living in Tokyo is very different from what she's used to.

The performances are strong, the presentation is pleasant and the dramatic parts are properly realized. I didn't care as much for the thriller elements, as they felt a little tacked on, but it's not that they actively annoyed me either. Matsuo shows a lot of promise, hopefully he can keep his career going.